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Starting a business is a huge venture. And in this day and age, no business is complete without a website. Of course, without traffic to that site, it’s moot. Getting traffic to your site is the number one thing you need to do to bring awareness to your brand, and get sales. So here are the top tools to help you drive traffic to your site, making your job of business owner (which is tough enough), a whole lot easier.
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AWeber Communications

Every business needs a marketing campaign. AWeber is designed to make yours a successful one. It works by making it a lot easier to spread information to your audience, by setting up automatic email deliveries to your potential customers. Also, it includes data analytics that show and measure your interaction with the people you email with.
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Evernote is an excellent tool for storing all your content and great ideas. It’s specially designed for collecting and storing information very quickly, such as photos, notes, websites, etc. But the most important feature is its simplicity, which translates into ease of use – which is so important in this world full of complicated and cluttered tools.
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Need to post the same update on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all at once? Then Hootsuite is for you. The free version allows you to add RSS feeds, enabling you to automatically tweet your information across all your social media platforms at the same time.
Source: Pinterest is a new search engine specifically designed for finding content that’s related solely to your interests. Search results include tens of thousands of top rated articles, which are directly related and connected to the topic you typed in. This search engine becomes especially useful when you need to find the top-trending topics related to your business.
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Dragon Dictation

If you’re an ideas person (and as an entrepreneur I’m sure you are), you know an idea can hit you at anytime, anywhere. With the Dragon Dictation app, you can record your ideas simply by pressing a button on your phone and speaking into the mic. Then your voice message automatically gets tuned into words and is saved as a note that you can later check or email to yourself. Now you’ll never forget an idea again.
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Some businesses need to create a constant flow of good content. However, this is easier said than done as most business owners are often much too busy. But thanks to Trello, you can create boards for content calendars that can help you organize the writers you’ve hired and switch tasks when they are having a hard time coming up with something new. The boards are extremely user friendly, very intuitive, and allow users to review and organize content easily.
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Google Analytics

Tracking your traffic is a must. You need to know how many visitors you’re getting; along with from where and when you’re getting them from. Google Analytics is a free tool made by Google that helps you find out where traffic comes from, what users click on your site, along with the average amount of time users spend on your site.
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If you haven’t heard about WordPress already, then you’ve been living under a rock. WordPress is the most popular platform for not just blogging, but for hosting business content. What separates WordPress from the rest of the blogging sites is it’s ability to create your own unique site, optimized for any kind of web browsing, which means it’ll be seen by everyone without any compatibility issues. It’s the ideal site for small business owners that want to create their own site for next to nothing, as opposed to paying thousands to someone else to build and manage your site for you.
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